Ricky Dhadwal

Ricky attended Simon Fraser University for Business Administration. He then began his career in residential construction where he held various leadership positions in sales, marketing, and operations. Entering the world of real estate sales and marketing was a natural transition for Ricky. As a long-term investor in residential properties, he already had a strong grasp of how financial and market dynamics influence pricing and the investment performance of real estate. Ricky's professional experience in finance and construction enabled him to build a portfolio of skills in customer service, finance, sales, marketing, technology, and negotiating that few real estate professionals can match. Ricky has continued to build upon his technical skills in the application of technology to the marketing of his clients’ homes, as well as provide all of his clients with timely and meaningful information about Vancouver real estate, the broader local markets, trends and opportunities. Ricky has an uncompromising sense of business ethics, personal integrity, and professionalism in everything he undertakes. Sales is an intensely personal business, and real estate sales is one of the most personal because of the enormous proportion of net worth involved in the purchase or sale of one’s home. Ricky's goal is the ongoing pursuit of excellence therefore his measure of success is based upon the quality of the professional services he provides to his clients.

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